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Interlakes Horse Club Code of Conduct



A member of this club must be admitted as a member and:


(a) Act honestly and in good faith and in the best interests of the society;


( b) Exercise the care and diligence and still of a reasonably prudent person, following the mandate of the society at all times;


( c) Be positive and professional in your attitude and performance at all times, Negotiate goodwill with all concerned. 



(d) Following in accordance the Constitution and Bylaws of the club as laid down by the society act ;


(e) Any member who does not follow the Code of Conduct stated herein, may have the privileges of the membership of the society revoked; and


(f) Remember that you must be able to justify any written or verbal comment you have.


Our Club can succeed or fail on your public relations alone- every member is a representative of our club.

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